20 years and counting SALE

August 8, 2014 | Various Artists

Yow -- It's been two decades since Klang Industries leaped for the horizon. To celebrate the sheer unlikeliness of our long orbit we're offering a couple deals on any sound recordings ordered for the next little while -- get more than one cd or lp and take $5 off your order's total price; order our two most shelf-filling-titles-of-the-moment, the Charlambides' remarkable "Rose/Thorn" or the Charlie Parr & Black Twig Pickers fervent "Glory in the Meeting House" -- and take $5 off the price of either. Yes, you can add all the discounts together. Yes, these offers are good for our overseas friends (though we'll still need to work out an adjustment for overseas postage).

You may want to act soon because stock is running out on many of our wares...but there are so new ones on the way that we think you'll enjoy. The cycle continues.

Thanks for your support for all these years.

Eastbound in November

August 5, 2014 | Pelt

Mike & Cara's "Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life"

February 26, 2014 | Mike Gangloff

It's a busy time here as the run of new releases continues! Mike & Cara's brand new kicker performs the neat trick of simultaneously delving inward and launching for the cosmos, resulting in a whirlwind tour of destinations alternately disquieting and warmly familiar -- but oddly refracted in the light of new possibility.

Black Dirt Oak's 'Wawayanda Patent' has landed stateside

February 19, 2014 | Black Dirt Oak

Klang HQ has a verrrry limited number of this smoky pipeload ready for your earholes -- head to the product page here and grip one quick, these are from Nathan's stash and are already hard to find elsewhere.  Your move, heads !

Gunn-Gangloff LP is here

December 3, 2013 | Mike Gangloff

Small img 20131203 115144
Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff's "Melodies for a Savage Fix" LP is here, the fruit of an all-night improv session early this year at Joe Dejarnette's Floyd County, Va., farmhouse studio. Steve shreds on an array of acoustic guitars, Mike plays string and percussion instruments in a devotional frenzy, and Joe steps away from the control board long enough to add an expert upright bass to a song. The last track is a Cian Nugent reference that's probably too tangential to explain.