There's talk of new shows and new releases, particularly the Effigy double LP. Check back here for info, or visit the Pelt Facebook page too.

No shows yet for Pelt

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No downloads yet for Pelt

  • ... a belly roar of Big American Music (The Liminal)
  • Appalachian drone epics with spectacular emotion (Uncut)
  • ... evidence of a greater -- and perhaps frightening -- natural system at work ... (Musique Machine)
  • ... an immense journey into sound. (Thumped)
  • ... far, far heavier and more imposing ... than anything the heaviest of heavy metal bands could even dream of producing. (MetalTalk)
  • ... presented with a depth and wide-angle scope ... (Dusted)
  • ... a meditational zone where trivialities evaporate and dishonest words have no place. (Wire)
  • ... a head-turning supernova of country, folk, minimal drone, and Eastern musics. (Textura)
  • ... Alan Lomax's Appalachian field recordings hydroplaning across LaMonte Young's supersonic dream highway ... (NPR)
  • ... Pelt's music instils an arcane awe and wonder ... (Boomkat)
  • ... one of the most important, affecting and interesting bands around. (the Quietus)
  • They've managed to perfect their craft. (Louder Than War)
  • When it's time to move across the line to the other side, I can't think of a better companion ... (Broken Face)
  • ... it's as if previous Pelt creations have placed under a microscope, revealing the music's grain (allmusic)
  • The purpose of the playing here is sculptural, with sounds positioned in careful relation to silence ... (Dusted)
  • It's a journey from earth to heaven told in snatches of organized noise. (Electric Fetus)
  • ... like listening to ice crystals, or the sounds of stars sparkling ... (Aquarius Records)
  • ... not at the more pastoral end of the drone spectrum by any measure ... (Boomkat)
  • Good God, where did this record come from? (Opprobrium)
  • ... an awe inspiring work of what I would unfortunately classify as 'drone' (Blastitude)
  • ... a cold whisper to a cloud-breaking sunburst ... (Deep Water Acres)
  • My Latin isn't so good, but that's something like "The beast returns to pass time." (fakejazz)
  • ... these guys forged some seriously h e a v y glacial ragas and eternal amp-drone epics. (Crucial Blast)
  • Massive "drone" effects for a massive meditative album ... (
  • How can one possibly explain where Pelt's eternal music comes from? (Broken Face)
  • If there was ever a band suited to the double lp format it would be Pelt. (Aquarius Records)
  • I've come to believe that Pelt is best appreciated in a live setting ... (fakejazz)
  • Following on the wake of their trilogy of amazing CD's ... (fakejazz)
  • A limited live CD intended for peddling on Pelt's 2006 European tour. (Other Music)
  • Pelt's kaleidoscopically droning performances... (The Washington Post)
  • Eighty years ago these guys would likely have been working moonshine stills... (Performer Magazine)
  • They are aboriginal shamans of the global village... (Head Heritage)
  • It's a slow burn... (Stylus)
  • Pelt are exemplars of a particular fringe of contemporary American music... (Dusted)
  • Folks around these parts (including us) have been freaking out... (Aquarius Records)
  • This is the true rural raga... (The Independent)
  • Every now and then you come across a band that you instantly know will change the way you look upon music... (Broken Face, Foxy Digitalis)
  • On (untitled), Pelt earn their nickname the Hillbilly Theatre of Eternal Music... (Dusted)