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Big Banjo Blues

Black Twig Pickers

Big Banjo Blues

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Recent recordings reveal an update to the Black Twig Perambulators' take on old-timey string drone: the low, thudding sounds of Gangloff's baritone banjo, the whine of a resonator guitar, and more original songs, particularly Isak Howell's solo guitar "Have You Been to Alabama?" which marshals an ominous array of finger-picked lines. Berrier's fiddle work is moving into the weeps-saws-and-dances homeland of bowed joy -- still deep in the holler, but with the mountaintop visible beneath the moon. An edition of 20 cd-rs intended to celebrate the band's rather odd appearance at a fiddle, banjo & dance club affair in Dublin, Va., or perhaps to mark the band's survival of same.