Is it all the same song... or does it just sound that way?

October 26, 2006 | Black Twig Pickers, Jack Rose, Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band, and Pelt

Black Twigs shows are routinely topping four hours -- last week's outing in Charlottesville had to be five hours or so, didn't it? Another old-time lost-time episode. Newest developments (besides the re-hairing of Mike's bow after it's spontaneous and total shed late night in Charlottesville): Nathan's virtuoso washboarding and amazingly solid washtubbing. Kazoogle, ho! Spiral Joy Band's "Floating Seer" cdr is almost done. And Spiral Joy with John Fail "Pores in the Porch and Puddles Beneath" cdr should be out soon courtesy of the Soopa Crew in Porto, Portugal. Watch this space for availability of both. (Or hey, come catch the Joys in Philadelphia next month) Jack Rose is heading out soon for another monster trek. And Pelt seems likely to end the year with a show or shows in Virginia.